On your journey through space, you suddenly receive a call for help. Now you have to search for and help this person. On the way, you must avoid and shoot targets while finding the way to your stranded friend. 


This was the first project we made as a group during our second year, and we were all excited to start working in 3d in a game project. The game was created in an engine made by the programmers in our group. The list of problems we had during the making of this game is long. However, on top of the list of mistakes was actually a lack of communication. One of the major consequences was that we didn´t have a clear or common view of where the project was heading. When we realized our mistake there was no time for remake, and we had to focus on what we had and make the best or it. 



  • Level design

  • Playtesting

  • Made in Autodesk Maya

  • Inhouse game engine "Thin Ice"

  • Developed over 8 weeks half-time