• Focus: Environment and Level design 

  • Game: Third-person 

  • Setting: Industrial

  • Tools: Unreal Engien 4

  • Asset pack: [SCANS] Abandoned Factory 

  • Player character and Enemy: from Jacob Tjernström

  • Time: 5 weeks (part-time)




  • My main focus has been on the environment, to look polished from start to end which is why I made a small level, 200m.

  • Enemies is a part of the concept. I wanted them to feel balanced, to be placed in good locations, and to get a logic pacing in their appearance.

  • I also wanted to learn about how to apply covers in the environment to make them feel realistic and still look esthetic.



Overview made in Krita


  • In this phase I sat the ground for the composition in the level, working with the space and the depth in so many ways I could.

  • I created BSP on the same scale as the walls in the asset pack and adjusted my blockout to fit.

  • During blockout I placed covers, making them work just as much as level design as an environmental setting.

  • I got a lot of useful ideas from my inspiration pictures, e.g. vegetation. The industrial setting and the foliage were my go-to in the level.

  • I added a railway as a leading line towards the end destination. Since it worked really well in this type of environment.


  • I began by replacing all BSPs with meshes, having the view in mind.

  • The asset pack was not easy to work with; walls were hard to tile and the pack didn't contain what I needed, e.g. stairs. I solved this by building a lot of BP_prefabs. I also built full-length stairs with this method, using the brick stones available. 

  • The whitebox progress went smoothly, thanks to the way I blocked the level, using BSPs with the right sizes.

  • I added enemies, letting them increase at a steady pace, and to escalate.

  • Early on in whitebox, I was planning for the enemy events to be implemented.


Example of building prefabs

Asset pack: [SCANS] Abandoned



  • At the end of the project, I worked a lot with foliage and propping. With more time I would have worked more on this.

  • I located the cinematic cameras where I knew the player would pass. I wanted to create a good composition from all the angles in the level.

  • In this final phase, I also wanted the level to feel bigger and get some depth. I did this by putting up planes in the background and used lightning and fog.

  • In this last phase, I also started to balance the enemies.

  • I also explore the possibilities with the light and the fog.




The composition and the environment were my focus on this project and I’m happy with the result.

Since I worked with the level as a whole, not as separate still images, I had the 360 degrees perspective in mind. I wanted the player to be able to move freely in the level and still get a great view of the surroundings. This wasn't possible to implement in each spot, so I prioritized some of parts of the main path I know the player will pass. 

My interest in lighting emerged during this project, and I would like to develop this skill further in the future. 

If I had made a smaller level I would have had time to polish the level more. At the same time, I wouldn't have been able to get the gameplay in such a short space.


The problem of non-tiling assets is something we all have got used to. But the workaround I chose, with BSP on the same scale as the walls, made my work a lot easier. The BP_prefabs also made the work a lot easier. 


I would have liked to add more enemy events, but with the limited time and with the level space I had, this was not possible to implement.
The enemies needed more polishing in behaviors, like range of sight as well as reacting to the player in a polished way. The enemies and the covers would have benefitted from some more playtesting. 


Creating a level with focus on the environment was a new area to me, the time required to carry out took more time then i had expected. 

The initial time estimation I had for the project was tight. I was focused to follow through, since I wanted to go with the original time plan. I didn't have the time to populate the whole level and adjust the enemies the way I wanted them.
It was a bit frustrating to realise that there were so many more opportunities and work that I could have done. 


I accepted my own deadlines, alfa - beta - gold, since these were my time limits. I didn't fully reach gold, but it was important for me to keep my deadlines.